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Fall 2000 Newsletter

Car Loan Rates & Terms

• Up To 100% Financing
• Plus…Pay off your car, truck or recreational vehicle at another institution with a 7.9% NPFCU loan. Toyota Landcruiser

When you purchased your last auto, why didn’t you finance with your Credit Union? We want to buy back that car loan that you made with another financial institution! To do this we are prepared to make you an exceptional offer at unbelievable low interest rates. However, you must act now because this offer may end before November 15th.

If you purchased a 2001, 2000 or 1999 year model car, we will refinance your loan for the number of months remaining at rates beginning as low as 7.9% A.P.R.*. If the car you purchased was a 1998, 1997, or 1996 model car, we will finance your loan for the number of months remaining at rates beginning as low as 8.9% A.P.R.*.

We want you to use North Penn FCU for all of your loan needs. We derive our highest income from loans to members so that we can continue to pay higher dividend rates on savings than other financial institutions can. Don’t forget, you are an owner of the Credit Union.

If you are presently looking to purchase a new or used vehicle be sure to call the Credit Union office to get your lowest rate available. Invest the interest money you save in a North Penn FCU share account where your money still earns some of the highest dividends available.

* Annual Percentage Rate. Other terms and rates may apply

Join Us for Great Service on International Credit Union Day

For 52 years, credit unions have set aside the third Thursday in October to celebrate International Credit Union Day. Each year, it gives us an opportunity to remember our proud history while we promote understanding and support for the credit union difference.

In 1848, Friedrich Raiffeisen, mayor of Flammersfeld, Germany, conceived of the idea for a credit union to help alleviate the distress of farmers suffering from the famine that had struck his district. Today, more than 100 million people belong to 37,623 credit unions around the world.

Member service is the foundation of the credit union movement. Whether a credit union is providing a loan to help a member cover unexpected medical bills, giving financial counseling to a member whose company closed its doors, or simply offering a better deal on a used car loan, the credit union is making a difference for its members and the community as a whole.

In a 1999 American Banker/Gallup consumer Survey, credit unions once again led the financial institution’s ratings for staff friendliness and courtesy, speed of loan decisions, deposit rates, and improvements from year-to-year in service quality.

This International Credit Union Day, let us take the opportunity to thank you for joining us. Please don’t hesitate to tell us how we’re doing, and how we can provide even better service in the future. Join Us for Great Service on International Credit Union Day.

Be Aware Of Identity Theft

Hardly a day goes by without you picking up the newspaper or turning on the TV news and listening to the latest story of how some financial institution and its depositors have fallen prey to some sort of financial fraud. So what’s a credit union member supposed to do to protect himself?

“Identity theft” occurs when an identity thief hijacks another person’s personal identifying information such as name, address, credit card or Social Security number and then uses the data to open new charge accounts, borrow money or to order merchandise, all in the name of an unsuspecting victim. Once an identity thief does his or her dirty work, the victim’s credit report and good name can be severely damaged. And sometimes it takes months, even years, to straighten out the mess.ID theft

Identity thieves obtain personal information they need to impersonate someone in a number of ways, including the Internet, databases, the trash, credit card receipts and even stealing mail from mailboxes.

A recent Credit Union Magazine article illustrated the growing identity theft problem. A woman applied for a mortgage loan and discovered $70,000 in fraudulent debts on her credit report. It turns out that in 1994 an identity thief used the woman’s driver’s license, name and Social Security number to apply for two auto loans, a mobile home loan and numerous credit cards. The identity thief also applied for welfare, using the victim’s personal data. It took the woman years to repair her good name and credit.

To help prevent identity theft, follow these few tips:

• Only carry a credit card, SSN card, birth certificate or passport when necessary.
• Only provide the above information to reputable, trustworthy institutions.
• Review monthly statements and your credit record regularly for errors.
• Be sure that your credit union verifies all personal information provided on membership/loan applications.

Time To Open Your Christmas Clubs

Christmas ShoppingOur new Christmas Clubs for 2001 will begin October 23, 2000. If you had a Christmas Club last year, you will automatically be enrolled for the same amount in 2001 unless you notify us to make a change.

Anyone who wishes to start a Christmas Club should send a slip indi-cating the amount you want deducted weekly from payroll. If you do not have payroll deduction, simply deposit what you want, when you want, to your account and it will be there for Christmas shopping in 2001.

Moving? Let Us Know! Family Moving

If you’re planning to move, let your Credit Union know your new address or ask them to hold your mail so it does not get lost.

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