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Spring 2005 Newsletter

The Credit Union is Your
Partner in Financial

Are you looking around for financial services in all the wrong places?

When you're shopping for the best rates and low or no fees, make the Credit Union your last stop! You will find the competitive rates you are looking for, and a broad range of services geared toward your financial success. More importantly, even when the unexpected happens, you can rely on the Credit Union to help. We know our members, and understand how quickly things can change. We step in when you need help. When a bank or other financing company would look only at the numbers, we look at the whole person. What better way is there of protecting your financial future than to make your financial decisions through the credit union?

Whether you are looking for a loan or other financial services, always think of the Credit Union. Smart choices start at the Credit Union - your partner in financial success!

Annual Meeting May 10, 2005

 The North Penn Federal Credit Union Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 10th, 2005 at 12:30 p.m. in the lunch room at the Credit Union office. Please join us and vote for your Credit Union leadership.

CU Youth Week Is April 17-23

Struggling for economic prosperity is difficult for everyone. It's especially hard for young people who've never learned how to plan to achieve financial security. What we need today is leadership to help raise the awareness of financial issues for young people.

Youth WeekThe staff and members of North Penn Federal Credit Union are ideally positioned to respond because we believe in the power of education put to practical use to improve the lives of our neighbors and our community.

Our tradition of service and philosophy of self-help make North Penn FCU and all credit unions a natural source of leadership in the fight against financial ignorance.

Join us this year as we celebrate National Credit Union Youth Week from April 17-23. Our theme for 2005 is: Want it ... Save it ... Get it!

For more information, contact the Credit Union at (215) 822-9119.

Consumer Alert: Dangers of Phishing
to Internet Users

Gone are the days when you had only to fear your wallet being stolen. In this high-tech age when everything there is to know about you can be stored in the digital domain, protecting your identity means much more than carrying your wallet in an inside pocket.

Phishing is a real threat to today's consumers, and is a scam that uses Internet services to deceive you into disclosing your personal information. Phishers use email, spam and pop-up messages to scare people into sending various types of account numbers, Social Security numbers, passwords and other secure information to a fraudulent address. These emails or pop-ups claim to originate from a business or organization you are familiar with - for example, your credit union, credit card company, or even a government agency, and threaten consequences for not providing
this information. They may also tell you that your information is being up-dated and to confirm before a certain date. Another similar scam uses the phone to gather such information, and is called pretexting.

PhishingThe key to staying safe online and on the phone is to never disclose your personal information unless you yourself have initiated the contact. If you receive a call or email that you think might be legitimate, you can call that company or organization by using a phone number that you already have on file to confirm that the request came from them.

Your Credit Union will never attempt to collect your personal information through email. Please report any such requests for your personal information at once to the Credit Union. If you suspect that you have been a victim of identity theft, whether through phishing, pretexting, or by any another means, call the Federal Trade Commission immediately at 1-877-FTCHELP. You can learn more about protecting yourself from identity theft at the FTC website at www.ftc.gov/idtheft, or by calling the number above.

Considering a New Car Purchase?

Buying a new car is a BIG deal! As a major purchase in most people's lives, it requires research, shopping and patience. Your credit union wants to make the process as painless as possible, so we're offering a few shopping tips to help make your next car purchase a pleasant (and hopefully money-saving) experience!
  1. Budget is the primary factor to consider before you actually start the car-buying process. Be sure to include these expenses in your monthly calculations: loan payment, insurance payment, gas, and periodic maintenance.
  2. Once you determine what you can afford, you can select a vehicle in your price range that will meet your needs. Select option packages for the greatest price benefit. Wherever possible, take advantage of rebates, trade-ins, or other discounts offered through affiliations.
  3. If you are financing your new vehicle purchase, it's important to shop for the best rate, term and overall loan package. Consider these features when looking for the best financing option:
    •  Percentage of purchase that can be borrowed
    •  Actual rate being charged
    •  Term
    •  Monthly payment
    •  Other discounts/rebates that may apply if you don't finance with the dealer
    •  Required insurances or warranty packages to qualify for financing
    •  Total amount of payments
  4. Don't make impulsive decisions. If you've done all your homework, you know what YOU want so don't settle for what a dealer offers on the spot (and that goes for dealer financing, too!).
  5. If you do go through with dealer financing, or if you have financed a vehicle purchase through the dealer in the past, the credit union is still an option. Simply come in and speak to a loan officer about refinancing options through the credit union.
Call the Credit Union for assistance with your next new vehicle purchase. Smart choices start at the Credit Union!

CarThe Motor Vehicle Certification Program (MVCP) offers consumer information to members who are purchasing a new vehicle. The Credit Union urges members to call MVCP at 1-800-345-0990.

Holiday Closings:

Memorial Day      May 30

Independence Day      July 4

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