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Spring 2006 Newsletter

Annual Meeting May 2, 2006

The North Penn Federal Credit Union Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006 at 12:30 p.m. in the lunch room at the Credit Union office. Please join us and vote for your Credit Union leadership.

Credit Unions Celebrate Youth Week
"My Money, My Credit Union, Where I Belong."

It’s imperative that we do everything we can to help young people learn how to plan to achieve financial security--from learning how to spend money wisely now to thinking about saving for the future.

What we need today, confirmed by poor financial literacy test scores from across the country, is leadership to help raise the awareness of financial issues for young people.

The staff and members of the Credit Union are ideally positioned to respond because we believe in the power of education--put to practical use--to improve the lives of our neighbors and our community.

Our tradition of service and philosophy of self-help make our Credit Union and all credit unions a natural source of leadership in the fi ght against fi nancial ignorance. We can help children better understand the credit union difference--better rates, lower fees, and extra attention to make sure all members know how to manage money.

Join us this year as we celebrate National Credit Union Youth Week from April 23-29. Our theme for 2006 is "My Money, My Credit Union, Where I Belong."

What a great time to talk to your family about spending and saving, whether for a new bike or college.

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Considering a New Car Purchase?

Buying a new car is a BIG deal! As a major purchase in most people's lives, it requires research, shopping, and patience. Your Credit Union wants to make the process as painless as possible, so we're offering a few shopping tips to help make your next car purchase a pleasant (and hopefully money-saving) experience!

  • Budget is the primary factor to consider before you actually start the car-buying process. Be sure to include these expenses in your monthly calculations: loan payment, insurance payment, gas, and periodic maintenance.

  • Once you determine what you can afford, you can select a vehicle in your price range that will meet your needs. Select option packages for the greatest price benefit. Wherever possible, take advantage of rebates, trade-ins, or other discounts offered through affiliations.

  • If you are financing your new vehicle purchase, it’s important to “shop” for the best rate, term and overall loan package. Consider these features when looking for the best financing option:
    1. Percentage of purchase that can be borrowed
    2. Actual rate being charged
    3. Term
    4. Monthly payment
    5. Other discounts/rebates that may apply if you don’t finance with the dealer
    6. Required insurances or warranty packages to qualify for financing
    7. Total amount of payments

  • Don’t make impulsive decisions. If you’ve done all your homework, you know what YOU want so don’t settle for what a dealer offers on the spot (and that goes for dealer financing, too!).

Call the Credit Union for assistance with your next new vehicle purchase. Smart choices start at the Credit Union!

Time for a Change?

If you are changing your address or name, be sure to notify the Credit Union so that we can keep accurate records. Especially in the case of an address change, statements and other important Credit Union communication can be returned without your proper information. This is a serious concern for both you and the Credit Union, as it is costly and may cause us to lose permanent contact with you.

For an Address Change
Please provide your new address in writing with your account number to the Credit Union by mail or in the office. Notifying the post office will only temporarily forward your mail.

For a Name Change
Always notify the Social Security Administration of your change so that your earnings will be credited properly. Bring updated identification into the Credit Union so that we may update our records and place your new signature on file.

Call the Credit Union office if you have further questions about changing your account information.

Stress Free Vacations

Ahhh...vacation! Whether your idea of getting away from it all is a trip to a theme park or a week on the water, the most relaxing vacation is the one that’s paid for. Be ready for your next vacation by joining the club – Vacation Club, that is! Setting aside even a small amount of money on a regular basis means you can take a vacation you’ll truly enjoy rather than having worries about mounting credit card charges. For example, tucking away just $50 per month in your Credit Union Vacation Club account adds up to $600 a year. That’s about $1.66 per day, less than a latté, or a soda and candy bar. Call or stop by the office today and ask about signing up for the Vacation Club.

Verified by Visa


Verified by Visa protects Visa Card numbers against unauthorized use online. This is a new service that enhances your existing Visa card with a personal password you create. You get added safety, and the reassurance that only you can use your Visa card online.

To protect your Credit Union Visa credit card, log onto www.usa.visa.com and in just a few minutes you can register your Visa card and start shopping with added safety online.

Temporary Parking Inconvenience

As many of you have already seen, a WaWa is under construction next door to the Credit Union. The plans are for it to open in June sometime.

On or about March 27th, we will be inconvenienced while both the WaWa lot and the Credit Union lot are repaved. Temporary signs to park on the opposite side of the Credit Union will be posted to direct you when you come to do your banking here. Work should be completed in approximately four (4) weeks.

The Motor Vehicle Certification Program


The Motor Vehicle Certification Program (MVCP) offers consumer information to members who are purchasing a new vehicle. The Credit Union urges members to call MVCP at 1-800-345-0990.

Holiday Closings

Friday, April 14th • Good Friday
Monday, May 29th • Memorial Day
Tuesday, July 4th • Independence Day

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