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Summer 2005 Newsletter

Is Your Child College-Bound?

If you have a teen going off to school in the fall, make sure you've prepared them with the everyday skills that will make their transition to independence much easier.

If your child doesn't already have a Credit Union account, have them join before they leave. What better way to teach them to make smart financial choices than to use the Credit Union for savings, checking, ATM or Check Card access and maybe even applying for a credit card.

Teaching your children how to manage their money and finances is an excellent way to equip them as they embark upon their journey through life (saving them and you a great amount of anguish!).

Preparing them with these basic skills will give them a great head start to a bright future!

Protecting Your Good Credit

Your credit history is one of the most valuable assets you possess. It's a direct reflection of your ability to repay money borrowed from a financial institution, including those who issue credit cards, mortgages, and vehicle or student loans. Good credit can be the difference between opportunity and denial.

Protecting your credit against fraud or identity theft and avoiding damaged credit is simple when you follow these helpful tips:

  • Shred any paperwork containing personal information.
  • Secure documents containing personal data in a locked file drawer, cabinet or box.
  • Limit the number of credit cards you use and carry.
  • Don't give out personal information over the phone, through the mail or over the Internet unless you initiate the contact.
  • Take your name off mailing lists so that you are less vulnerable to identity theft.
  • Memorize your Social Security number and passwords to avoid having them recorded in your wallet or purse.
  • In the event of a lost or stolen credit card, call the credit card company immediately. File a police report and contact all three credit bureaus to request that a "fraud alert" be placed on your name and Social Security number.
  • Order a copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus on a yearly basis. Look to the Credit Union as your financial partner with the resources to help you build and maintain your good credit rating.

Change to Life Savings Insurance Program

At North Penn Federal Credit Union, you can always count on the lowest loan rates and the highest savings interest rates that we can possibly offer. To uphold this commitment in the face of steadily rising costs, we've had to cut expenses.

That's why we must revise our Life Savings Insurance program, the term life insurance that we've made available at no cost to our members. New deposits will no longer be eligible for Life Savings Insurance starting on August 1, 2005.

IMPORTANT: This change does not affect your existing Life Savings Insurance coverage on eligible deposits made before August 1, 2005. Those deposits will remain eligible so long as they stay on deposit continuously. But you'll want to keep in mind that, because the Life Savings Insurance group policy is offered at the discretion of the Credit Union, it should not be regarded as permanent insurance.

Any CUNA Mutual Life Savings Certificate of Insurance you may have is valid only for eligible deposits made prior to August 1. 2005. The maximum total balance eligible for Life Savings Insurance is $3,000 per member.

Summer Fun Starts at the Credit Union

With all sorts of destinations, adventures and projects to choose from, there is no end to having fun this summer. When expenses end up on a credit card, we end up paying for those summer projects and trips long after the fun has ended. Why not start your summer off right with a visit to the Credit Union?

We have loans designed with our members in mind, with benefi ts that wind up in your pocket, not with a financing company. You'll be much better off financing your fun at the Credit Union, where applying is easy and rates are low. Come by today and tell us about your dreams - we'll help you make them come true. Smart solutions start at the Credit Union.

Stress Free Vacations

Ahhh...vacation! Whether your idea of getting away from it all is a trip to a theme park or a week on the water, the most relaxing vacation is the one that’s paid for. Be ready for your next vacation by joining the Vacation Club!

Setting aside even a small amount of money on a regular basis means you can take a vacation without worries about mounting credit card charges. For example, tucking away just $50 per month in your Vacation Club account adds up to $600 a year!

Ask about signing up for the Vacation Club today!

CarThe Motor Vehicle Certification Program (MVCP) offers consumer information to members who are purchasing a new vehicle. The Credit Union urges members to call MVCP at 1-800-345-0990.

Holiday Closings:

Labor Day      Sep 5

Columbus Day      Oct 10

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