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Winter 2004 Newsletter

Resolve to Get Your Finances in Order in ‘04

Now that a New Year has begun, resolve to make a difference in your financial affairs the whole year long.

Resolve to save at least 5% of your income. If 5% is too much, start with 1% and gradually increase the amount. Add to your retirement nest egg by opening an IRA or special savings account. If you’re lucky enough to get a raise, funnel this new money into your savings or retirement fund.
Resolve to limit your spending. Your Credit Union recommends setting personal limits to control your spending. Don’t let your bills for charge cards and other installment debt exceed 20% of your take-home pay. Once you factor in rent or mortgage payments, your debt should not exceed more than 40% of your take-home pay.
Resolve to make timely payments. You can avoid costly penalties by paying bills, loans and taxes on time. As a bonus, you’ll be building a good credit history while saving yourself money. Many vendors offer automatic bill payment services.
Resolve to use your credit wisely. It can actually pay you to borrow for the right reason. Further education and most home improvements carry a high rate of return. A late model, fuel-efficient car can save you money on gas and repairs. A home equity or bill consolidation loan can cut those high interest credit cards and bills down to size.
Resolve to use the services of the Credit Union. Take advantage of better loan and dividend rates. Also, pass along the good word about Credit Union membership and sign-up the entire family.

Simplify your Life with Direct Deposit

You’ve got so many better things to do with your time, why not have your check directly deposited to your account at the Credit Union? Direct Deposit is just another way that we have found to help you simplify you life. Once you’re signed up, you’ll start enjoying the benefits of hassle-free deposits! Direct Deposit lets you enjoy these great benefits:

• No waiting in line – Depositing your check is no longer a time-consuming chore. Your paycheck or other recurring payment is deposited on time.
• Same-day availability – Deposits received by Direct Deposit have the advantage of immediate availability.
• Lower risk – With Direct Deposit, you can always be sure of your deposit schedule, reducing the risk of overdrawing on your account. You never have to worry about your check being lost in the mail!
• Easy Access – Pay your bills, withdraw, or transfer funds from any of the convenient methods your
Credit Union offers!

Start enjoying the simplicity of Direct Deposit! With this safe, easy and convenient service from the Credit
Union, you can spend extra time doing the things you like to do! Call or visit the Credit Union today to find out more!
Singing the Holiday Blues

Is paying those holiday bills leaving you a little off key? Tune up your finances by using your Credit Union credit card to consolidate
your other credit card balances! Save time and money by transferring those higher rate card balances to your Credit Union credit card today. Make one easy payment and pay less interest over time. Make beautiful music with a credit card that offers you these great benefits:

• Pay less interest with lower rates
• Pay no interest on purchases when you pay off your entire balance by the due date
• 24-hour access to report a lost or stolen card
• Free Auto Rental Insurance (VISA only) beginning 03/01/04
• Added protection for online shopping with Verified by VISA

Don’t sing the blues this post-holiday season! Call today or visit us for a Credit Union VISA.

Attention Members

The Credit Union Supervisory Committee is conducting its annual audit and account verification. Please compare the enclosed statement with your own records as of December 31, 2003. If you note any discrepancy, please write to our supervisory committee at:

Ms. Phyllis Weasner
712 Wissahickon Avenue
Lansdale, PA 19446

Please include a description of the discrepancy along with your account number, and refer to North Penn Federal Credit Union in your reply. If you DO NOT note any discrepancy, no response is necessary.

Free Auto Rental Insurance

The next time you rent a car, you’ll save yourself time and money by using your Credit Union VISA Credit Card! Beginning March 1, 2004, your Credit Union VISA Credit Card will provide automatic auto rental insurance. This important new benefit gives you insurance coverage that you can trust, and eliminates those high insurance premiums from the auto rental agency. This new benefit is provided to you at no cost, and covers damage to rented vehicles.*

* Damage due to collision or theft up to the actual cash value of most rented vehicles. Within domiciled country this coverage is secondary to any other valid and collectible insurance from any other source. See full disclosure for full terms and conditions of these benefits.

Happy Holidays
from your Credit Union

Thank you for letting us serve you throughout the past year. We hope that you will continue to take advantage of the many services available to you as a member/owner of this financial cooperative. We value your membership and look forward to serving you throughout the next year.

Holiday Closings:

President's Day      Monday, February 16

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